FinFnd is a digital Lending platform that allows users to join a money circle and make monthly payments. When the Circle is complete, all participants receive their payout, with the option to start another Circles.

What is the FinFnd app?

How does FinFnd App work?

FinFnd makes it easy for users to join a savings circle, select the amount they want to save up, and choose a convenient duration. They make monthly installments until they reach their goal and receive their payout.

What are the different durations available for the money Circle?

Users can choose from six durations: 3 months, 5 months, 7 months, 10 months,12 months, and 18 months. Users can join two money circles at the same time.

What are the fees for using FinFnd App?

The FinFnd App fees vary depending on the duration and slot. In the 3-month Circles, fees are 6% for the first participant, 4% for the second participant, and 2% for the third participant. 5-month Circles, fees start at 8% for the first participant and go down to zero for the fifth participant, with a cashback option. For the 7-month Circles, begin at 10% and go down to zero, with cashback options for the sixth and seventh participants. In the 10-month Circle, fees start at 12% and go down to zero, with cashback options for the eighth, ninth, and tenth participants. Finally, in the 12-month and 18-month Circles, fees start at 14% and 16%, respectively, and go down to zero, with cashback options for specific participants.

What are the pay-in and receiving methods?

Users can pay using debit and credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and salary deductions for corporate customers.

Is FinFnd Sharia compliant?

Yes, FinFnd is completely Halal and Sharia-compliant.

How do I get started with the FinFnd App?

Getting started is easy, simply download the app, sign up, and choose a savings circle that suits your needs. You can start saving and achieving your goals with just a few clicks.

What are the benefits of using FinFnd App?

FinFnd App provides numerous advantages to its users, such as the opportunity to join money circles, low-cost installment options starting from 500 AED, payouts of up to 120K Dhs, ensured privacy and security, the ability to earn points through discounts and Cashback offers, and the option to redeem these points at participating stores. Additionally, all of these services are in compliance with Sharia principles.